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Fitness wave hits Lagos as Nigerians seek healthier lifestyles


Kofo Durosinmi-etti is telling people about her produce at her stall at the Green Festival in Lagos, Nigeria’s sprawling financial hub.

She is the founder of Next Gen Farms, where she uses indoor and organic farming techniques to grow organic crops.

The 25-year-old farmer started growing vegetables and a variety of seedlings in 2014.

It opens up a wide range of opportunity, economic opportunity. In terms of organic farming now.

Durosunmi-etti is part of a growing number of young farmers putting down roots in the sector, and taking up organic farming in particular.

“It opens up a wide range of opportunity, economic opportunity. In terms of organic farming now, people are appreciating it and their willingness to pay maybe a bit more for it although we are still having a challenge there. There is also a lot of trainers coming on the scene, opportunities because everybody wants to be fit,” she said.

The Green Festival – where Durosunmi-etti and her contemporaries exhibited their wares – is organized by Meristem Securities, a Lagos-based financial institution.

“There is this stigma like what’s wrong with you, do you think you are a white person? But I feel those little changes on the long run it just helps, yeah so it’s about being very intentional that I am going to do this and then finding little friends and family who would just be on the journey with you so it becomes fun, like today, I came with my friend and it’s been fun,” said Adebimpe Adeneye, an accountant who was at the Green Festival.

Fitness lovers – or FitFam – as they are known on social media, say they aren’t necessarily asking people to change their culture, but to put their health first.

“People are moving away from chemicals, harsh chemicals even up to make-up they are apply on their face they are asking vital questions, consumption is good that’s why we are also celebrating vendors who are doing well in this space because it really isn’t easy but they keep pushing on towards building a healthy nation,” said Sholape Akinpelu, the Head of Marketing at Meristem Securities.

The organisers also put together several masterclasses, where people could learn about things like healthy eating on a budget and business opportunities in the wellness sector.

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