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Africanews: the home of African stories

At Africanews, we are committed to providing unbiased journalism that includes all views, voices, and perspectives.

Africanews aims to support a Rising Africa, empowering audiences by providing access to reliable and independent news from local, national, and global sources.

Established in 2016, Africanews represents a growing Africa covering politics, business, culture, sports, travel, science and technology stories.

We are Africa’s newsroom

Africanews is the leading Pan-African news media, unique in its concept and vision. We cover news and business stories from sub-Saharan Africa and globally, delivering news in French and English from an African perspective. Africanews adheres to the same editorial charter as its sister channel, Euronews, guaranteeing its independence. Unapologetically impartial, the Africanews team, comprising over 40 journalists, technicians, and numerous correspondents across the continent, provide neutral and fact-based journalism.

A unique bridge between audiences

Africanews is distributed globally cross-platform, available worldwide via its website, africanews.com and mobile App.

Africanews reaches 40 million TV households in over 35 African countries, the UK, and the US.

Henceforth, Africanews broadcasts by satellite all over Africa (SES 4 + SES 5), offering tailor-made programmes, live streaming, VOD and interactive services on the internet and mobile devices.