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Navigating supply chains amid recent coups in Africa [Business Africa]

Afolake Onyiloye with a guest on Business Africa

Business Africa

In a world where intricate supply chains power the global economy, political instability can spell far-reaching consequences. 

Africa, in particular, has seen a surge in political upheaval, from coups to conflicts, sparking worries about its impact on trade and supply chains. 

In this story, we gather insights from experts to explore strategies that address the adverse effects of political instability on African trade and supply chains

Berry Dreams Blossom in Cameroon

In the lush surroundings of Dschang, Western Cameroon, a tale of agricultural ingenuity unfolds. Anafack Donasson Dioril, a young agronomist, has embarked on a mission to cultivate organic strawberries in a region where these delicate fruits are typically imported. 

With unwavering determination and innovative techniques, Dioril is rewriting the narrative of strawberry farming in Africa.

Tax Pressures Stifle Congolese Businesses

In the Republic of Congo, excessive taxation continues to plague businesses despite government attempts to improve the business environment. This tax burden has forced some entrepreneurs to close shop, while others operate informally. We delve into the challenges posed by high taxes and efforts to address them in this report.