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Hit comedy series 'A Black Lady Sketch show' returns for 4th season

TV trailer os season 4 of“A Black Lady Sketch Show”   -  
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US television sketch comedy series, 'A Black Lady Sketch Show', is back.

The return was so much anticiapted that network HBO confirmed season 4 one month after concluding season 3 on May 2022.

"It feels great because if it's not highly anticipated, they're not going to ask us to come back. So, you know, having a season four of anything is crazy. Like, in this day and age where we hear about things, you know, getting canceled all the time. We have the biggest cast we've ever had, and they're bringing just huge characters, huge singing voices, dancing, like just so many talents to expand upon our already impressive cast. So that's what feels bigger to me."

The comedy series returns featuring its characteristic core cast of Black female writers, performers set in a limitless magical reality.

A Black Lady Sketch Show debuted in August 2019. For creator Robyn Thede the vision is the secret.

"Having a vision for something is what makes it great, right? And my vision was to allow the most voices as possible to create this plethora of Black lady voices that lead to what the show is now. I think that's the biggest reward to me of this show, is that platform that's being created, created the legacy."

"The institution of a black lady sketch show is so great because it will live on beyond all of us, you know, and it can continue well beyond whatever the, whatever years the show will be on, the alumni of ‘A Black Lady Sketch Show’ will always have this on the resume. Dozens and dozens of Black women and other women of color put Emmy nominee and-or Emmy winner in front of their name because of this show and that platform and that exposure at the highest level on premium TV, on HBO is just it's just unreal and it's invaluable."

New celebrity guests will be featured in the 6-episode season of about 30 minutes each that will air on Fridays.

HBO confirmed to magazine Variety that it would submit the season 4 for 30 Emmy categories.

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