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Creole: soon an official language in Cape Verde?

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Of all the languages you hear in Lisbon, one has been in fashion since the 16th century and is here to stay.

On the street, in transport, in the homes,  Creole has already taken root in the Portuguese capital and can now be read in a newspaper

"This is how the idea of integrating in a deeper way this community of Creole speakers who, in a way, are also Lisboners, was born. Moreover, it is important to say it: Lisbon is all that. There is no difference between the communities. This huge community is Lisbon," said Catarina Carvalho - director of the newspaper "A Mensagem" written in Creole.

And this community says that today there is a greater pride and appreciation of this Lisbon Creole.

"Work has been done to make us all value Creole as a language. We were always told that Creole was a dialect, but no, Creole is a language and we have grown up and seen this evolution. Lisbon, which has always been Creole, now has a more dynamic and media response to this creolisation," explained Karyna Gomes, coordinator of the newspaper "A Mensagem".

There are Creoles of Portuguese origin in many parts of the world, but Creole is not an official language in any of them. This is one of the priorities of Jose Maria Neves, the president of Cape Verde.

"We are talking about history, philosophy, a people, memories, culture and the essence of two peoples. It is therefore with great joy that I receive this news from the President of Cape Verde. It is high time. It should have happened already," said Karyna Gomes, coordinator of the newspaper "A Mensagem".

Who Speaks Creole? defends a living language, which is increasingly developing in the Portuguese capital and is helping to create a new Lisbon.

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