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Kenyan-owned 'African Beauty' hair salon thrives down under

Kenyan-owned African hair salon in Darwin, Australia.   -  
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Kenyan-Owned Hair Salon in Australia

A mother-daughter duo, Jean and Christine Kute, created a hairdressing niche in Darwin that is satisfying an essential need amongst people of African descent. 

A hair-salon that specialises in Afro-textured hair care and braiding, 'African Beauty' — which now boasts numerous devoted customers in the Australian city.

Christine goes over the usual front-end business activities of the day, "When you come in here for braiding, you're staying with us for the day. So, it's pretty much a date with us for the day. Bring your lunch."

Turning Tragedy into Triumph

After her husband was killed in an accident — leaving the family with no income, mother Jean took a giant leap of faith and moved her family of six children from Kenya to Australia in 2004.

17 years later, her courage and resilience have paid off as she thrives within her community by way of 'African Beauty.'

Jean recalls the trying times that drove her to make the life-changing decision for her family, "I said no, I have to come, God will help me, no man, no husband, no nothing, but God is there, that's why I am here."

Black Hair Textures Matter!

Jean can also be proud of the service she renders to Darwin’s black residents — who have few haircare options in the city.

Christine shares how and why the existence of African Beauty is necessary within the community and describes what the typical experience was like for people with coily and afro-textured hair, "And even just going to a hairdresser to get a haircut they would be afraid to actually accept your booking because they were not experienced with our Afro hair texture."

The young woman gets emotional as she reflects on her mother's accomplishments. It is evident that she is both in admiration of and inspired by her mother Jean's touching and successful journey, "Because if she found it within herself to push on, what more challenges can I face that I can't push on? It's basically if she could do it, why can't I?"

Africa Beauty is more than just a salon. It represents Jean's will to thrive against the odds while upholding her African heritage.

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