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Young Algerians call out dinosaur elite ahead of divisive polls


Algeria’s contentious presidential election campaign is highlighting the deep gulf between young people at the heart of a street protest movement and an ageing elite they see as clinging to power.

Several youths continued their protests calling for an end to the old political elite and reforms ahead of polls expected to hold this week.

“I think it’s a continuity of the system, since the heads, are the heads of the old system that was rejected by the population.

“Moreover it’s empty political programmes, so here we talk about things that are unachievable with our economy, it’s like selling dreams to little kids,” one young protesters said.

For nine months Algerians have marched every Friday to demand change. The protests forced long serving Abdul Aziz Bouteflika to rescind a plan to contest for a fifth term before he was eventually forced to resign after twenty years in charge.

The young protesters summarised their aspirations as wanting to live freely, receive a good education, find a stable job with a decent salary, have their voices heard, and enjoy entertainment opportunities beyond loitering in the street.

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