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A safari experience through "VR" technology

A safari experience through "VR" technology


Experiencing a safari adventure is the dream of many people at least once in their lifetime.

Unfortunately not all are able to do this. But a new technology in France is making this possible.

Wildlife lovers can now be able to watch wild animals in other continents without necessarily leaving the spot.

“The Wild Immersion project is really to get to know, get to love these wild animals once again, to feel close to them. And to feel close to them, sometimes you have to go to Africa, or to travel and see them in other countries, it’s complicated, it’s not necessarily good for the long-term. Or there are other ways, like zoos, but we think that it’s not always ideal. And for us, we really want to use new technologies to be teleported in the midst of animals,” said Florent Gilard, the Wild Immersion project manager.

The project gives visitors a vivid, front-row view of wildlife in the most remote and exotic places, transporting them there via a combination of virtual reality and audio-visual technologies.

“What we want to do with this attraction is fill our visitors with wonder to raise their awareness as much as possible to the urgency and the necessity to preserve wild life,” said Olivier Bobichon, the director of Jardin d’Acclimatation.

This new technology developed by Paris’s oldest theme park comes as a relief to many Parisians, though some still believe it’s not enough.

The concept developers are planning to involve other sensations such as smell and touch, with technologies being explored by the creative team

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