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Tempo Music, Pointe Noire children's orchestra

Republic of the Congo

Pointe Noire, the economic capital of Republic of the Congo is also known for its cultural mix.

The heart of its Fond Tié-Tié district, plays host to the group Tempo Music, young artists who are characterized by the originality of their instruments.

To go by the leader of the Tempo Music group, Gabriel Passi, “everything is collected in the garbage. Paint cans, lids, bags that women use to carry. We also collect rubber objects and with all this, we make our instruments.
And there’s something else that makes the group stand out. A lady tackles the drums.

Michina Diamzolo has been passionate about drums since age 2.

“My mother wants me to continue in music, but my uncle is against it. I told Dad no, you refused to let me play football, let me make the music, it’s my gift. You know that Werason started music as young as I did and he grew up in this art”

The artists spend their weekends and school holidays living out their passion in the main arteries of Pointe Noire. Their personal compositions and covers of great names in African music have won them an audience.
“They’re geniuses, because with these little things, they have managed to make a band like that,” remarked a fan, Amadou Ndjim.

 Another fan, Joseph Makita, thinks the group is limited by means. “The Roga Roga began in the Ouenzé district. So these children lack the means, they would progress if they had the means”.

Limited finances remain a challenge to these young dreamers who earn only between 13 and 25 US dollars per performance and about 43 US dollars on private invitation. Too little an amount for their ambitions.

Tempo Musicc group member, Franky Maestro, note that “Our group is not moving forward. We started in 2011 at the age of 6, here we are in 2018, nothing has changed. We need support to play real instruments like Westerners. We also want to be known and travel out of the country.”

These budding artists have nearly fifteen songs to their credit. Their dream is to record their first album and conquer the world of music like the other African bands such as Wengue Musica by Werason, and the Latin Quarter by Koffi Olomidé.

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