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Ivory Coast: Serge Beynaud wins big at maiden Primud awards

Ivory Coast

Serge Beynaud, one of the big stars of coupé-décalé, a popular dance in Ivory Coast was adjudged winner of the first edition of Primud.

Primud is a platform that honors urban music and Coupé-Décalé.

“I think it’s music that’s already being exported, that’s being copied by a lot of other artists from different countries and today we’re very proud, even if we haven’t yet made it where we want to break through, I think little by little we’ll reach our goal’‘, Beynaud said.

I think it's music that's already being exported, that's being copied by a lot of other artists from different countries and today we're very proud, even if we haven't yet made it where we want to break through, I think little by little we'll reach our goal.

The ceremony brought together dozens of Ivorian and African stars in the show-biz industry. Organizers say the event attracted, millions of votes to elect winners. Previous editions paid homage to the now inevitable coupé-décalé, but this year, genres like rap and zouglou were also featured.

Vitale, known for hit songs like “Coups de reins” and “Chéri Coco” won for the best female artist category.

“Women branched into coupé décalé. It moves beyond the Ivorian borders because these women are from the stage. They are great dancers, great choreographers, so people love the show, they like party so the offbeat is the best choice and we are much sought beyond the borders of Côte d’Ivoire’‘, she said

The coupé décalé, which often syncs with a wild rhythm using electronic sounds, was born in the early 2000s and has since gained footprints throughout Africa.

Today, the coupé décalé has also succeeded in conquering Europe and the United States thanks to the African diaspora. African athletes also played a role in popularizing this dance move.

Gabonese Shan’l won the prize of best artist from Central Africa.

The Malian star Sidiki Diabaté won best artist from West Africa. His Rap / Hip-Hop, which incorporates traditional sounds, has gone far beyond the borders of his country. 

A tribute was paid to the famous accordionist N’Goran la Loi and singer Dezy Champion, who both died this year.

Full list of winners


Primud d’Or: Serge Beynaud 

Best rap artist: Kiff no Beat 

Melleur artist zouglou: Leaders 

Best artist Offbeat : Serge Beynaud 

Best female artist Offbeat:

Most beautiful voice: Dino Malachie 

Best “Next Generation” artist (young): Ariel Sheney 

Clip of the year: Osef (Kiff no Beat) 

Best concept (movement): Safarel “Eat, shit“ 

Best featuring: “My darling coco” , Zaga Bambo with Bebi Philip 

Best DJ mix platinum: DJ BDK 

Best dancer: Poupette 

Best singer-comedian: Willy Dumbo 

Best manager: Yellow jersey (Leaders) 

Best arranger: Elvis Second 

Best club director: DJ Rhod 

Best musician: King Ediem’s ​​( saxophone) 

Best director of music video: Kyba


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