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Togo: Women candidates campaign ahead legislative and regional elections

2024   -  
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Noël Kokou Tadegnon


As Togo prepares for the legislative and regional elections on April 29, 2024, a significant number of women are in the electoral race, defying traditional norms and expectations.

With 2,348 validated candidacies for the legislative elections and 113 seats up for grabs, some 593 women are in the running for parliament and 438 women for the regional elections, according to figures obtained from the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Among these bold candidates are some remarkable personalities who aspire to bring a new perspective and more balanced representation to the political arena.

Such is the case of Victoire Dogbé, current Prime Minister of Togo and UNIR candidate. Touring the town of Vogan, she wooed voters by highlighting the work already accomplished and the importance of continuing along this path.

"We're ready to vote. And we need to cast a useful vote so that the work begun can continue," declared Dogbé at a campaign meeting on Sunday afternoon in the village of Klologo Gagnon.

Her political commitment has been hailed by citizens such as Adzovi Gati, a local farmer, who sees her as a guarantee for the future of Togolese women.

"With her, the future of women is assured", says Adzovi Gati.

In a country where female representation in politics is often limited, opponent Brigitte Adjamagbo-Johnson, who has been involved in politics for over thirty years, embodies determination and resilience. 

Through her relentless grassroots campaigning, she calls on the Togolese people to support women candidates, highlighting the challenges they face, including physical risks. Her message resonates as a call to action for equal participation in elections.

"Getting involved in politics is a big risk, including a physical one. We encourage the Togolese people to vote for these courageous women who have dared to stand as candidates", said Adjamagbo-Johson.

In a different campaign style, Mimi Bossou-Soedjédé favors proximity with citizens, highlighting the importance of these elections for gender equality. 

For her, the objective is clear: gender parity in the next Togolese parliament. Her optimism and determination reflect the spirit of change that drives many women candidates.

"If we can have 50% women in the National Assembly, that would be great. We hope to be there with other women to make up the parliament in parity. I'm convinced that if this is the case, our country will change for the better," explained Mimi Bossou-Soedjédé.

At present, Togo has 17 women members of parliament out of 91 deputies, while at local level they represent only 13.23% of municipal councillors, with only 12 women mayors out of 117 communes.

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