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Kelly Rowland releases 'EP' influenced by Afrobeat rhythms

Kelly Rowland released an EP titled “K,” featuring six tracks influenced by Afrobeat rhythms.   -  
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Call it a hat-trick of joy as music superstar Kelly Rowland is basking in her current bliss. The Grammy-award winning artist gave birth to her second child, she turned 40 last week and released a new EP dubbed ‘K’ on Friday February 19. It’s a result of her musical labor of love.

"I think the hardest part for me in all of this, because I believe so much in time, or making time for myself, that - you know, because I was giving so much of, you know, to hubby to baby to kid - well, in in that time, growing a baby, to work. So I really, really was thinking about, 'OK, I love giving to everybody else, but how am I going to give back to myself?' So I really had to make time or find time for myself, and I did’’, Kelly said.

But it wasn’t all rosy, as the recording artist grappled with love for her own skin for a while.

"I did notice it with certain photo shoots or with people being honest and saying, 'Oh well, we can't have her for this campaign - she's a bit too dark' and it happens. And it did happen. Did it affect me? For a while it did because I was thinking, 'Well, if I'm darker, then does that mean I'm (not) going to get the same opportunities?' And then I'm looking at Janet Jackson and she zoomed off into stratosphere, you know what I mean? Whitney Houston? We're the same complexion. Brandy: same complexion. All these women made me feel like I can do it", the recording artist added.

And of course, Kelly dishes in on her incredible friendship with Destiny Child, a group she left to go solo. The group is made of Beyoncé and Michelle Williams. They have remained friends since performing as a group and even reunited during Beyoncé’s Coachella performance in 2018.

"That's been the greatest blessing, truly. It really is. It's me and the girls and our relationship. The fact that no one will know, but we'll be at my house or B.'s house or Michelle's house and we'll just be chillin' and that's some of our sweetest moments, you know what I mean? And when we talk about kids or marriage or anything, I know they're my rock", she said.

Kelly's six-track project is heavily influenced by afrobeat rhythms and matters of the heart.

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