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Black Girl Magic Graced the US 2021 Super Bowl LV!

Black Girl Magic Graced the US 2021 Super Bowl LV!
Jazmine Sullivan's Super Bowl performance reminds fans of Whitney Houston's iconic 1990s moment at the event.   -  
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Black Girl Magic Was in Soulful Abundance!

One of the biggest sporting traditions of the United States took place yesterday: the Super Bowl LV 2021 where a US football game was played to determine the champion of the country’s National Football League for the 2020 NFL season.

The event was held in Tampa, Florida in the south of the country. In light of the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the games — typically a dynamic scene with tons of cheering spectators, was rather watered down to necessity to uphold the coronavirus-prevention sanitary measures.

But not completely without flavour as Jazmine Sullivan and H.E.R took the customary ceremonial proceedings to a whole other level.

The US National Anthem

As is tradition, the games are opened up with a rendition of the country’s national anthem by local artists who have made a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

This year saw a duet performance of the patriotic tune by country singer Eric Church and Soul and R&B singer-songwriter, Jazmine Sullivan — who looked angelically stunning in white.

Songstress Sullivan showed that the US music genre of Country — just as rock and roll, the blues, jazz and of course hip hop all came from the same African-American cultural root as she effortlessly re-christened the national anthem with her gospel vocals while succeeding in not completely overpowering Church (no pun intended) as the true professional that she is.

A rendition of the song that inspired chills like some of the legendary songbirds before her who did justice to the honour in time’s past.

Such as iconic African-American R&B girl group En Vogue. The first to ever perform the tune at a national function with soul and funk. Their rendition set a trend for all the other artists who came after them as this style of singing was not indigenous to nor done by mainstream white America at that time.

Another landmark performance was by the late, great and ever-missed pop Diva Whitney Houston. A rendition that is still emulated and celebrated till this day! Effortless power and soulful elegance personified in the slender-framed beauty.

Many fans worldwide of Jazmine Sullivan — who just released her latest project ‘Heaux Tales,’ are convinced that Whitney Houston gave her nod of approval after last night’s brilliant performance.

America the Beautiful

Budding newcomer H.E.R who has seen her career kick off over the last two years based on pure talent alone — as she kept her identity hidden for the first half of her career as she wanted her art to speak for itself, could be compared to a female Prince.

And not just because of her daring and atypical fashion choices, but the unprecedented guitar solo in the middle of the song was a glorious moment in time.

Reminiscent for other reasons otherwise known as the “whistle note” as the self-identified most misunderstood black woman in America” Mimi herself, Mariah Carey — who performed the song at an NBA finals game in the 1990s right before her international stardom really took off.

A similar career destiny for H.E.R? Many of her fans are certain after last night’s stunning performance.

Black Girls Like Them

The two African-American artists collaborated on the song that is featured on Sullivan’s latest project. A melodious tune that expresses a carnal part of (traditional) empowered womanhood.

Their reunion at the Super Bowl was a great way to come back together in artistry.

If there is anything better than pure black girl magic, it is when the magic is shared in genuine sisterly solidarity. Jazmine Sullivan and H.E.R managed to not only shine brilliantly in a male-dominated event but also reflect their respective stars on each other.

A beautiful display of boss black women supporting each other that resulted in two GREAT performances and left many fans worldwide — who did not even tune in for the actual sporting match, utterly entrained and uplifted.

Well done, ladies!

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