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Twitter slaps 'apartheid' label on Trump's Israeli-Palestine plan

Twitter slaps 'apartheid' label on Trump's Israeli-Palestine plan


On Tuesday, United States president Donald Trump outdoored what he said was a “Peace to Prosperity” plan for the protracted Israeli – Palestinian issue.

Reactions to the plan came in thick and fast from countries, diplomats, political and security watchers as well as people on social media platforms – Twitter and Facebook.

One word that was widely associated with the plan was “apartheid,” drawing parallels between the white-minority system that was deployed in South Africa till Mandela and others fought and brought the system down.

Apartheid is simply a social policy or racial segregation involving political and economic and legal discrimination against people who are not whites. It was a formal policy in South Africa till 1994. it is believed to have started in 1948.

According to the White House: “This Vision is the most realistic solution to a problem that has plagued the region for far too long.

“It creates a path to prosperity, security, and dignity for all involved. If the parties can agree on this framework as a basis for negotiations, the potential for both the Israelis and the Palestinians and the region is unlimited.”

The 181-page document details conceptual maps of a Future Palestine State and the State of Israel. Palestinians have unreservedly rejected the plan as has Iran whose Foreign Minister said the plan was “sleepwalking into a catastrophe’

Javed Zarif actually went on to juxtapose a map of apartheid South Africa with Trump’s current plan asking whether or not Mandela could have imagined a return of apartheid to liberated South Africa.

“Could Mandela ever have imagined re-emergence of BANTUSTANS, decades after liberation of South Africa? “Vision for Peace” looks more like “Highway to Hell”.

“We Muslims need to wake up: The U.S. never was—and can never be—anything resembling an honest broker,” his follow-up tweet read.

Twitter’s apartheid jab at Trump

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