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Trump hypes Egypt tourism: says Melania 'was impressed' with Pyramids

Trump hypes Egypt tourism: says Melania 'was impressed' with Pyramids


In October 2018, United States First Lady Melania Trump visited four African nations as part of her first solo international trip.

She started off in Ghana then to Malawi, Kenya and wound up her trip in Egypt where she met with President Al-Sisi and his wife, she visited the Great Pyramids before flying back home.

At the time, Trump tweeted twice about Melania. First, that Melania and Africa were loving each other beautifully, then summarizing the tour later, he said his wife had represented America very well with her engagements.

Six months on, Trump has made a strong case for Egyptian tourism stressing the hope that people troop to visit the structure because of how great and wonderful it was. According to him Melania – “as hard to impress as she is, was very impressed by her trip to the Pyramids.”

Trump was speaking during an official visit by his counterpart Al-Sisi to the White House on Tuesday for bilateral talks which centered on security and trade.

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Well, thank you. And I just have to say, before we perhaps take a couple of questions, the First Lady was recently in Egypt. She was treated beautifully.

But maybe even more importantly, what she saw with the Pyramids was — you could call it the seventh wonder or the eighth wonder of the world.

She thought it was incredible. She thought it was one of the most incredible things she’s seen. And we have lots of pictures, and that was great day and a great moment to see the Pyramids — the Great Pyramids.

So hopefully a lot of people will be going and looking at them. But she’s not easily impressed; she was very impressed.

U.S. first lady Melania Trump visits the Pyramids in Cairo, Egypt, final stop of four-nation solo tour of Africa.https://t.co/Cw6AHWhWFB pic.twitter.com/Jal2P4nICl

— africanews (@africanews) October 6, 2018

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