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Singer Ramora Favori mocks Madagascar presidential candidates

Singer Ramora Favori mocks Madagascar presidential candidates


Dressed in this custom tailored suit…while walking on the red carpet holding the hand of a beautiful lady in the midst of a crowd, sheering for the future president… Ramora Favori is not a candidate like the others in the presidential election in Madagascar.

The comedian released a clip entitled “Demi-tour dia vita” which means “It’s won in advance” making mockery of the candidates for the next presidential elections.

Humorously, the actor points an accusing finger at the politicians for making false promises to the people and looting from the country’s resources.

“I live with the people in neighborhoods. No artist in Madagascar knows the living conditions of these people better than I do. I know perfectly well that they are suffering”, said Favori Ramora.

Ramora Favori is known in Madagascar for his rants. In 3 weeks, his last clip had 200 thousand views on facebook. A real buzz, in a country where only 5% of the population have access to the Internet.

Favori’s video amuses even politicians. For the senate president , the reality depicted by the actor is only a cliché.

“It’s the state that’s poor! Capital flight, the non-payment, the informal economy and all that. We have to fight and that is a policy. You can’t be repulsive towards politicians” said Rivo Rakotovao, the senate president.
Behind Ramora Favori’s humour lies a real ambition: to be a candidate in the next presidential election.
He believes he can make a difference and respond to the real concerns of the Malagasy people. His main agenda would be to : reduce bus fares, creating motorways, installing satellite television in slums and not monopolizing natural resources.
But for now, Ramora Favori is ready to sell his song to the candidate who has a good program and who will propose a nice sum of money.

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