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African cartoonists lampoon exiled Jammeh with 'barrow' art

African cartoonists lampoon exiled Jammeh with 'barrow' art


Yahya Jammeh, the former Gambian president may be out of the country but not out of the creative and somewhat subjective even naughty ideas of some African artists.

The pick of the lot was by a prominent Ghanaian cartoonist, Bright Ackwerh, who put Jammeh in a wheelbarrow being pushed by Adama Barrow. The bespectacled Jammeh has an indifferent look whiles a smiling Barrow seems to enjoy pushing Jammeh out.

Ackwerh, who is no stranger to lampooning politicians back in Ghana also has a Jammeh piece that shows the former leader sweating with his wooden staff, Quran and rosary in hand and he titled it ‘I will not be intimidated.’‘

The likes of Obama, Buhari, Melania and Donald Trump have all not escaped his artistic works. He describes himself as ‘‘Le provocateur,’‘ who uses his art ‘‘to generate conversations around cultural capital and identity politics with pop culture.’‘

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In the lead up to Jammeh’s acceptance to leave the country he has led for some 22 years till his exit on January 21, cartoonists have put forward their candid views on the ‘Jammeh situation’.

For the better part of it, they mocked Jammeh on different levels, whiles some projected his exile as a source of isolation, others fed into reportage that he plundered the country’s reserves.

Some others mocked his double face – probably inspired by his acceptance and the rejection of election results. Another even likened him to a sticky gum that needed to be scrapped off. His acceptance to leave after ECOWAS threatened to force him out was also highlighted.

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Below are a few of those in tweets:

Cartoon: The many faces of President Yahya #Jammeh
Cartoon: Damien Glezhttps://t.co/jGWeYFTJeI pic.twitter.com/242vyAUQEj

— This Is Africa (@ThisIsAfricaTIA) December 12, 2016

EDITORIAL CARTOON: #Gambia sticky gum on your shoe… scrap it off #Jammeh… Adama Barrow via ndula_victor pic.twitter.com/iwjdDAx0QV

— The Star, Kenya (TheStarKenya) January 19, 2017

Jammeh took Gambia out of ICC & Commonwealth but forgot to take the country out of ECOWAS that sent him packing. Classic cartoon chrisatuk pic.twitter.com/R9DaMkvyCt

— Sheikh Abdu Wasike (WasikeAbdu) January 24, 2017

#Cartoon by Dr Meddy – Yahya #Jammehhttps://t.co/K9hjoYxqHd#Gambia #Africa pic.twitter.com/wnClFPaMd0

— Klaas Brecht (@KlaasBrecht) January 24, 2017

Now Jammeh To RULE for a Billion year..! https://t.co/mS4lDNCFip pic.twitter.com/xiQCLkquWr

— Gado (@iGaddo) January 23, 2017

This last picture however mocked Barrow who has a female vice president, a first lady and a vice lady. Barrow, a devout Muslim is married to two women. He has yet to return to Banjul after taking his oath of office in neighbouring Senegal.

Barrow WomenShaban Abdur Rahman Alfa
Africanews, web journalist
Congo, Pointe Noire

Photo Credit: Bright Ackwerh

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