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A divided Democratic convention kicks off in Philadelphia


The Democratic Party convention has opened in Philadelphia with a “unity” theme – but its fallen on deaf ears among supporters of defeated rival Bernie Sanders.

They remain angry over Friday’s leaked emails which suggested that Democratic officials plotted against his campaign.

“What I am doing is I am reserving judgement. I am going to wait and see how this plays out. To say what I am going to do in six months seems really foolhardy when this entire election process has been literally chaotic,” said one Sanders supporter.

“I hate to say I am a full-on Bernie supporter but I don’t want Trump. So there is where I am going to leave it.”

For his part Sanders has said his supporters know that Trump must be defeated.

.BernieSanders: "Most of my supporters understand Trump has got to be defeated" #ThisWeek https://t.co/bCfWE3Rsvt

— ABC News Politics (ABCPolitics) July 24, 2016

Clinton won at ballot box

Hillary Clinton will be officially nominated as the Democratic Party’s presidential candidate later in the four day convention – with the endorsement of Bernie Sanders. Meanwhile Clinton’s campaign spokesman Brian Ballon has tried to play down the email row.

“The Democratic primary was not decided by random thoughts, exchanges over email by DNC officials. It was decided at the ballot box by all the Democrats and Independents that took part of the primaries and caucuses over the last several months.”

Taking on Trump

Many delegates think it is time to focus on what they see as the real challenge – defeating Republican Donald Trump in the race for the Whit House.

“I’m confident we are going to be a unified group going into November. There is no excuse for letting Donald Trump destroy the history of the United States as being a beacon of hope,” said Washington Governor, Jay Inslee.

But with feelings running high among Sanders supporters Hillary Clinton may not get the smooth ride she is hoping for.

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