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Cairo: Kids drilled on chocolate production

Cairo: Kids drilled on chocolate production


Children from as young as four years are being given the opportunity to make melting chocolate. They paint the chocolate as well, using natural food colouring in a shop at the Maadi neighbourhood in Egypt.

The classes take place each day for at least two hours.*

The shop owner Maddy Ahmed says the kids can learn techniques ranging from colouring chocolate to making different shapes and figures. The variety of flavours include mango, orange, lemon dates and salted caramel.

“Chocolate is fascinating to everyone and people come here to have fun but school trips usually have a more educational goal because in class we usually explain the chemistry behind making chocolate and give geographical information as well, like where it grows and what whether conditions are suitable for (cocoa) to grow” Ahmed said.

“ If young children are not given the chance to do something with their free time , they will focus all of their energy on negative things. So instead of wasting time playing video games on their mobile phones or watching television, at least here they can create something new useful, something artistic and something which tastes good,” a parent said.

Ten year old Aamer Yasser is excited with the experience,“I made chocolate and learnt how to make chocolate and now I know where it comes from.”

Maddy Ahmed learnt the art of making chocolates from her father in law in France. He returned to Egypt in 2012 and later opened his own confectionery in 2014.