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Epilepsy: Canabis to the rescue in Colombia

Epilepsy: Canabis to the rescue in Colombia


A cannabis-based therapy in Colombia is turning out to be a life-saving instrument of change for epilepsy.

There is a hope after all, locals say, in looking for a cure for epileptics.

Born with epilepsy little Valentina Luna suffered violent convulsions and a neurodevelopmental delay up to when she turned 11 years.

My daughter is special, it's sad she has this disability. She was born with intractable epilepsy that causes a neurological developmental delay and very difficult to control seizures-Caro, Luna's Mother

Despite various treatments, her condition didn’t change.

But there is a renewed sense of optimism and belief thanks to the new therapy.

Started in January this year, the medical cannabis viascoopit, seems to work for her. Ably administered with the help of her mother she is recuperating.

Her medications were provided by Cannalivio, a Colombian company pioneer in the research, development and manufacture of products derived from medicinal plants.

According to Paola Pinedanle, the doctor treating Luna, it was through a 1986 Act that the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes was authorized.

A new law initiated by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos is being developed. When passed, it will regulate the production, distribution and marketing of medicinal cannabis.

The island of San Andres, a Colombian archipelago off Nicaragua, the Caribbean is one of the main distribution points of the substance to the whole world.

A Tonne at a typical plantation costs about 60 euros. And on the international market the price has already reached some 365 euros.

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