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Diversifying the Democratic Republic of Congo's economy

Diversifying the Democratic Republic of Congo's economy
Supporters of opposition candidate Felix Tshisekedi wait for their candidate at the UDPS party headquarters in Kinshasa, Congo,   -  
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Democratic Republic Of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is thinking about new ways to grow its economy. Before, it mainly relied on mining for money. But now, experts say it needs to change.

Landry Djimpé from Innogence Consulting in the DRC says, "For years, the DRC's economy has depended a lot on mining. But recent changes in global prices show that's risky."

Mining, especially copper and cobalt, brings in a lot of money. However, when prices go up and down, it makes the economy unstable.

Now, people are talking about different ways to make money. Agriculture could be a big help. The DRC has good land and weather for farming. "If we invest in farming tools and tech, we can make more food, make jobs, and help villages grow, " Djimpé says

Renewable energy, like water, sun, and heat power, could also make a difference. Projects like INGA 3 could give more power to the country. "Using clean energy is important for making more stuff and giving power to everyone, especially in villages", Djimpé adds.

Tourism could be a new way to make money too. The DRC has beautiful places and a rich history that could attract tourists.

Djimpé believes, "Tourism could make more jobs and bring in money. But we have to be careful to keep our nature safe." However, there are big problems to fix. Many people don't have banks, especially in villages. And not everyone knows how to use banks well.

Also, most banks are in cities, not villages. This makes it hard for villagers to get to banks and use them.

Another problem is that the country uses a lot of foreign money, like the US dollar. This can make the economy shaky when prices change.

Djimpé warns, "Using too much foreign money makes us weak. We need to use our own money more." To fix these problems, experts say everyone needs to work together. The government, banks, and others must team up to make the economy better for everyone.

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