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Cameroon opens museum honouring one of its oldest and most influential kingdoms

The Bomaun Kings Museum was inaugurated on April 13, 2024 in Foumban, the kingdom's traditional capital.   -  
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In Cameroon's western city of Foumban, sits the newly inaugurated Royal Museum of the Bamoun.

The building architecture pays homage to the emblem of the Bamoun - a double-headed snake, a spider, and a double-mounted gong.

Over 10,000 artefacts most of whom century-old objets d'art are housed here, near the royal palace of the Bamouns.

King Nabil Mbombo Njoya, the 20th ruler of the Bamouns, inaugurated the museum with Culture minister Pierre Ismaël Bidoung Mkpatt.

Professor Francois Bingono Bingono was among the lucky visitors.

"I was privileged to visit the museum. I can tell you that it is not only the culture of western Cameroon, the culture of the Bamouns that is celebrated inside those walls. I recognized the culture of the forest, meaning the culture of the inhabitants of southern Cameroon, a heavily forested region," the anthropologist and university teacher said.

"I also recognized the cultures of the regions of East, Centre and South Cameroon. One can also come across the cultural heritage of Loum, of the Hauts-Plateaux department, and that of northern Cameroon. This museum is the ideal place for those who wish to go back to their roots or take a deep dive into the culture heritage of Cameroon."

Cultural events punctuated the inauguration ceremony.

The Bamoun Kingdom is one of the oldest in sub-saharan Africa. Historians date its creation to the late XIVth century.

"You can see valuable items inside such as thrones and chairs used by the King..., really anything that has to do with the Bamoun dynasty from the first rulers to the current monarch," artist Cheick Tiam explained.

"This is patrimony that is handed down to future generations. For the Bamouns, it represents an achievement and a celebration of their culture. For Cameroonians at large, it is part of their history," businessman Christian Penda said.

The city of Foumban is a tourist hotspot in the central African nation. Artisans hope that the inauguration of the museum on April 13th, will attract even more tourists interested in artworks and mean more business for them.

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