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Senegalese opposition supporters denounce President Macky Sall

Protestors hold placards of images of people imprisoned in Senegal during a demonstration against the Senegalese President Macky Sall in Paris on January 26, 2023   -  
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Hundreds of Senegalese demonstrated in Paris on Saturday to denounce President's Macky Sall attempts at running for a third term.

For many, democracy in Senegal is under threat.

"Because Senegal, as everyone knows, is a country that has not taken the same path as other countries in Africa. It is a country that has shown the world that it is a democratic country, that has chosen democracy as a concept where there have been two political alternations", said French-Senegalese teacher, Moulaye Aidara.

The demonstration was organised by the party of opposition figure Ousmane Sonko. The participants claim that at least 102 of its members have been detained for crimes of opinion.

"Perhaps today we no longer want to talk about neo-colonialism, about France-Africa, we're fed up, the French are fed up, the Africans are fed up. Today, we want democratic countries that take charge of their destinies and the destiny of their youth so that young people are no longer obliged to take a boat to come to Europe, to France", added Moulaye Aidara.

Opposition leader Ousmane Sonko came third in the 2019 elections and has since emerged as the main opponent of President Macky Sall.

"Politicians are put in prison every time they speak. Ousmane Sonko, in any case, there is a real cabal against him. Whatever he says, whatever he does, they put sticks in his wheels, we know very well what they want to do. They want to prevent him from running in 2024, and the Senegalese will not accept that", concluded the French-Senegalese teacher.

Opponents and civil rights defenders claim that civil liberties in Senegal are coming under pressure in the run-up to the February 2024 presidential election.

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