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Women-led anthology series 'Roar' , tells feminist fables

Award-winning actress Issa Rae who is ignored plays a character who ends up disappearing.   -  
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Anthology series "Roar" for Apple TV+ is the latest women-led project.

With a star-studded cast including Nicole Kidman, who is also the executive producer, or actress Issa Rae, the series presents women going through experiences that would literally make anyone want to roar with frustration.

"I love the concept of these like short stories that are so fable-like in nature, actress Cynthia Erivo says. They give you an understanding of something that women have got to go through, have been through or do go through. But they set it up in in such cool, interesting ways and that these like physical manifestations that happen, whether it be almost literally sitting on a shelf and you know, you're talking about a trophy wife or you know that you can return her husband, like, actually return them to the shop or, you know, those kind of like this have finding bite marks on her skin the way in which the actual goings on in the conversations that we've had show up in real life. Just really, really cool."

From the female character played by Issa Rae who is ignored and ends up disappearing in episode "The Woman Who Disappeared", some episodes have a surrealist touch, but all titles are pretty self-explanatory. 

A peculiarity that will catch the viewers’ attention according to actress Alison Brie: "Women are very complex beings, and I think this show reflects that, you know, it's a look at the female experience, and it really embodies that in every way, even in the way that the episodes are constructed. I think every episode has a bit of comedy to it and my episode, maybe more even than others. And yet these themes are so dark, right? And it is kind of like a spoonful of sugar helping the medicine go down. You know, it was a fun hat trick of like, 'Look over here at these shiny things and then think about this."

The series is based on eponymous book by Irish author Cecelia Ahern. Across eight episodes, 'Roar' tells half-hour fables about the female experience in different eras, from trophy wives to mom guilt to abusive relationships. The series will premiere on April 15.

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