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From Dakar to Geneva, Women Conquer the Public Space

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FIFDH Geneva 2021


The Human Rights Festival (FIFDH) in Geneva took place last week almost entirely online, with debates, meetings and screenings, but one of the events was nevertheless able to take place physically: the creation of a giant graffiti by three women, including Zeinixx, who came all the way from Dakar to represent the cause of women.

"Ok, this is ZEINIXX LFDM, the first woman to do graffiti in Senegal. Yes, it's an honour for me to be here in Geneva, and to represent the "Hip Hop Girl Scene"

The idea is simple: to bring women's struggles to life on the city's walls:

"Women are visible in the public space, it's not about affirming it, it's about confirming it. With this gigantic fresco behind us, I think it was well confirmed, since there were 3 women on this wall for about ten days."

And this is an area where women are far from being in the majority.

Two artists from Geneva have joined forces with Zeinixx to bridge the gap between Europe and Africa, Amical and Nadia Seika :

"Yes, it is to say that women are well and truly here. Unfortunately, it is still a cause for which we are obliged to claim today, because we are far from equality. "

For the festival, it was important to be present, and not only on the walls of the city.

"The public space is obviously the place where feminist demands are expressed, explainsBoris Mabillard, Head of Debates at FIFDH._ But it is also a symbol to be conquered, the public space is to be conquered. And when I say public space, I obviously mean the street, virtual spaces, artistic spaces, creative spaces of all kinds. So, we have the here, Geneva, the far away, with Dakar, and this is concretised by a fresco that brings together three geographical universes, three artistic universes. "_

The project is called "La grande traversée" and will continue next year with a major event on the issue of women in the public space.

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