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What next after Brexit-EU deal?

European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen welcomes British PM Boris Johnson at EU headquarters in Brussels.   -  
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International agreements

The Brexit drama is over. As details of the deal unveil and the ratification awaits on both sides the feeling is... relief. London and Brussels wanted a deal to avoid a tempestuous relationship beginning January 1.

Michel Barnier is the European Union's chief Brexit negotiator. He told France 2 ‘’we did it in unity and in firmness.’’

"There is no winner in Brexit, it is a lose-lose situation to separate, especially in the world as it is today, it's a dangerous and unstable world where we must be together, I think, especially to weigh up against the United States or China. England, the United Kingdom has chosen to be solitary rather than stand together. I'm sorry, but my mandate was to put Brexit behind as quickly as possible. We did it in unity and in firmness", Barnier said.

Experts say both parties should be happy with the agreement.

"I think both sides will be happy with this agreement because they broadly got what they wanted. The UK does have the freedom to diverge in limited ways, but the EU has the freedom to take action if they feel that is unfair or gives the UK an unfair advantage", David Henig, Director of the UK Trade Policy Project said.

Labor will support the deal and many capitals in Europe have greeted the agreement.

But for London, there are worries from the north. Scotland, which voted massively for the Remain, may see a new referendum in a foreseeable future. This time the independence might win.

"There has been a massive growth in pro-sentiment for Scottish independence, certainly for me as well since before 2016 but 2016, the Brexit referendum certainly pushed me over into thinking Scotland should be independent. I think we could be led better from Scotland. It would be nice to feel we would be part of the EU still and that we would be invited back in hopefully. I am pro it, certainly", charity worker, Henry Gray said.

With the Brexit deadline out of the agenda now, the UK and Europe can focus on fighting the pandemic, one issue where both row in the same direction.