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Enjoyable activities for seniors with limited mobility

Enjoyable activities for seniors with limited mobility


Older adults need uplifting activities to battle the loneliness that comes with a wheelchair or walkers’ restrictions. The fact that a senior has limited mobility does not mean that he/she shouldn’t have fun at all. Some conditions that contribute to limited immobility are naturally associated with old age, so it’s not their choice to stay in that condition.

Some of the chronic conditions that can send an older adult to depend on a walking stick include severe arthritis or even stroke. Moreover, there are many ndis registered providers who can help seniors lead an independent, comfortable life for the longest time possible, despite the many challenges that come with old age. NDIS support also gives mobility equipment.
In that regard, there are many fun activities that the elderly can engage in without necessarily moving from one place to another. These activities are vital for making them realize the best mood always and stay involved in the world.
So, what are some of these activities? Well, they include but aren’t limited to the following:

● Outdoors tour
Spending time outdoors is a great mood booster for not only the elderly ones but anyone. You don’t have to necessarily bring them to the open-air, especially if it is cold. You can make them sit next to a large window or balcony opening and let them breathe in the natural fresh air. And if the water allows, you can roll the wheelchair down the woods or garden to interact with nature. The beauty of nature also helps them to come into terms with their present condition because they see things as beautiful.
● Reading
If the senior prefers to read for themselves, it is better. Reading can help reduce anxiety, reduce stress, prevent memory loss, and delay cognitive decline. Most people would even love to reread some books that they did while still young and full of energy. There is also an option for reading the book out to them or designing audiobooks for the same; in any case, they are unable to hold the book or because of diminishing eyesight. Moreover, reading is a fun way of keeping the brain engaged.
● Reminisce over old photos
Everyone, including young adults, loves reminiscing over old photos because they always spike up beautiful memories. Doing this with seniors is encouraged because you never know which stories they’ll be inspired to share. Storytime isn’t a bad time for old folks. They are best at it. All you’ll need to do is grab coffee for the two of you and expect to hear more of her stories. Storytelling is an activity for the seniors that has been there since time immemorial and will never get old.
● Hobbies such as playing cards
Hobbies such as playing cards or monopoly games can be a fantastic source of fun, especially when the senior does it with family members and grandchildren. Exploiting different hobbies also allows caregivers to learn something new. Another hobby that can be a source of fun without mobility is playing musical instruments such as guitars and pianos. You can roll the wheelchair next to a grand piano and let them play their favorite tune. During special occasions, you can even invite special guests for performance.
● Write a letter or read poems.
Just like storytelling, writing letters, and poems can be a way of letting off steam by putting pure thoughts into words. You can assist by this task, especially if your elderly client or loved one cannot write for themselves. Moreover, poems and letters can also bore good topics for conversation and are excellent for reminiscing.
● Indulge in preparing a delicious meal
Is there anyone who doesn’t love food? Well, find out what your senior loved one likes to eat or what they’d enjoy preparing. Set the ingredients for them and let them participate in the actual meal-making process. This will not only spark fond memories but will also make them feel rejuvenated.
● Play mind games
Playing mind games is not only entertaining but also helps to improve thinking and reaction time. In other words, mind games such as puzzles, word searches, and Sudoku can prove resourceful for the elderly. You also don’t have to spend on the games as you can always find them in old newspapers.
● Exercise
Another uplifting activity that seniors can enjoy is exercise. Since they are old, the exercise doesn’t have to be intense. You can start slowly and advance the exercise program gradually. For instance, you can start with three or five minutes per week, and then proceed to about 10 minutes a week. You must also set realistic expectations because truth be told, it gets challenging to meet most expectations when working with the elderly. It would be best if you also made the exercise a priority so that your old folk can be prepared psychologically for the same.
● Entertainment
Many people make the mistake of forcing the older adults to watch TV for the entire time, which is not healthy at all, or often leads to boredom. Occasional movies and TV series can be a great showstopper for the seniors, especially if it intersects with their hobby. You can also go ahead and play for them their favorite vintage music to help refresh the good old memories. Research shows that music can effectively reduce and control anxiety or stress.
● Visitors
Lastly, one of the main reasons for putting seniors on home care is that they can get companionship. Another way of making them happy is by asking family members and friends to drop by and spend beautiful moments together. Visitation will make them feel happy and help recreate the memory of someone who is on the verge of losing one. Visitors can also bring gifts and pets along because playing with pets is a sure way of reducing stress.
Another thing that you can do is participating in charitable activities. The seniors don’t have to be present physically at these events, but they can follow recordings or live feeds. Such an act does not only make them feel engaged but also generate some sense of purpose and accomplishment.

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