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Man beats machine in robot cocktail contest

Man beats machine in robot cocktail contest

United Kingdom

Good news for human kind. A cocktail-making robot, called Makr Shakr failed to overpower a human being in preparing a cocktail.

The competition between man and the robot was set in a London bar. Product Manager, Makr Shakr, Lorenzo Risitano explains how the robot works.

“Right now, he’s taking, let’s say, some spirit and some liquor. Then he will go to mix them, he will go to take from the other ingredients from the back of the unit. While the other one is actually starting to take the cup, the plastic cup, in order to be ready for the bartender”, he said.

The robot can make around 80 drinks an hour. But bartender, Felix Cohen beat the robot in a contest judged on taste, speed and appearance.

“We cannot even think to replicate a real bartender with a robot bartender, they are two different experiences. The only thing is that we want to empower people to play with their creativity to think about new kinds of combinations and we want to empower people to improve, we want to let people improve their life thanks to the help of a robotic arm”, Risitano added.

Cohen is not against the use of robots, but he’s certain they cannot take his job away.

“I’m not feeling particularly threatened, no. It’s a very impressive piece of kit, but I think of all of the industries to try and usurp mankind in, bartending is probably the hardest for a robot to succeed”, the owner of ‘‘Every Cloud Bar’‘ said.

For judge Dawn Davies, she wants more than just a good cocktail when she comes to buy.

“You know, I totally see why this works. It’s fun, it’s a bit of a laugh. But for me, the bartender is always going to win because I want to have a conversation, I want to engage, I want to tell them that I like a long drink, fresh, la la la, la la la. So, it’s fun, but for me, humans always gotta be the top”, Davies stated.

But despite its loss, the cocktail-making robot will remain at this London bar until August 26.

Cocktail prices start at £7 or almost $8.50.

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