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Sudan military accused of deporting protest leaders


The opposition in Sudan has condemned the deportation of protest leaders.

Three members of the protest; Ismail Jalab, MP Yasir Arman and spokesman Mubarak Ardol – were arrested and deported to Juba the South Sudanese capital after meeting with Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed. According to the political coalition of the leaders calling for the immediate return of the protesters.

“The Military Council is not serious about safeguarding the revolution and achieving its objectives. We call on all international organizations to support us in our resistance to this deportation. The movement’s delegation, the Secretary General, the Spokesman and Yasser Said Arman, who are Sudanese citizens, have the right to be in Sudan and to exercise their constitutional and civic rights there,” said Abbas Cara, Sudan People’s liberation Movement.

Arman’s brother, one of the arrested leaders, accused the military council of following in the footsteps of the previous government.

“The Military Council still seems to have the same mentality of murder and tyranny. To assault innocent people in their homes, to arrest them brutally and without any respect when they (security guards) do not present their identity cards and when they come with many fully equipped vehicles and enter the homes. It is a criminal mentality, not the mentality of a new state,“said Mujtaba Arman, brother of Yasir Arman.

The military council that has ruled the country since the fall of President Omar al-Bashir in April is being challenged by thousands of Sudanese demanding the immediate transfer of power to a civilian government.

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