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Photo: Buhari inspects who his wife voted for, Twitter reacts

Photo: Buhari inspects who his wife voted for, Twitter reacts


A viral photo has shown Nigerian president Buhari ostensibly checking to see who his wife voted for in the ongoing presidential polls.

Mrs Buhari got cleared to vote before her husband but Buhari was seen looking at her ballot before he proceeded into the booth to cast his ballot.

The wife of the president looks to have allowed him so to do with the entire episode drawing laughter among the people present at the booth.

Buhari is seeking a second and final term to govern Africa’s most populous nation. He stressed being “very hopeful indeed” after casting his ballot.

Speaking to reporters after casting his ballot in his hometown Daura in the northwestern Katsina State, Buhari responded to whether or not he will handover if defeated: “I will congratulate myself, I’m going to be the winner. Thank you very much.”

But it is not the first time such an incident has popped up with aspirants. In 2016, a similar incident happened in the United States between then candidate Trump and his wife Melania Trump.

Trump beat his main contender Hillary Clinton to emerge president and to takeover from the first black American president Barack Obama who had served as president for two terms – 2008 – 2016.

Buhari is one of a handful African leaders to have met with the US president when he visited Washington in official capacity and met Trump at the White House.

Social media reacts

#Buhari Taking No Chances. A bit of humour hurts no one. #NigeriaDesides pic.twitter.com/iHRojiYTTk

— Juliet Bawuah (@julietbawuah) February 23, 2019

#NigeriaDecide2019 #ElectionDay

Buhari peeping at Aisha's vote is the funniest thing you would see today?? pic.twitter.com/eKZTKNnNS2

— DEJI SAMA (@DejiAbubakar) February 23, 2019

Trust no one.Even your wife??.
Buhari trying to cross check Aisha's Vote.? pic.twitter.com/KbwOItMnUT

— YOUR.PASTOR'S.SON ?? (@coke_ita) February 23, 2019

“Aisha let me see za ballot fafer,iza me you vote for?” pic.twitter.com/OmrpYbPYuw

— Àdéoluwà ….. ? (@Adeoluwa83) February 23, 2019

In Buhari voice
Aisha I hope u didn't vote fidifi?#NigeriaDecide2019 pic.twitter.com/SiElLga96Q

— Prince Darlington (@PrinceDarling12) February 23, 2019

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