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Green initiative enhances tree planting in Libya

Green initiative enhances tree planting in Libya


Desertification in Libya is been met by a nation wide initiative where hundreds of volunteers are planting thousands of trees.

Over the past two years, the ‘Branches Campaign’ has been planting trees in both depleted woodlands and in areas that previously had no tree cover.

With approximately 6,000 trees planted, the intention is to plant a total of 25,000 trees by the end of 2019. “The campaign has several goals. Some goals are social. Some goals are about preserving the environment, as well as increasing citizens’ awareness of environmental issues. Of course, and as we all know, there are big climate changes taking place. One of our goals is to increase the sizes of forests, as well as get people to understand the importance of trees and fight all kinds of tree logging, given how fast the activity has been spreading recently.” Said Anwar Bouz Anin, the supervisor of “Branches” Campaign.

What better way to incorporate the concept of Reforestation than in school kids. They are been taught the importance and practise of tree planting.

According to Saleh Shaqan, a gardening teacher and member of “tree lovers” association, children today will play a key role in reforestation in Libya.

“We’ve brought this idea to students in schools, to children, in order to plant within them the love for trees, which they can then transfer to the trees. When the child comes to plant the tree in the soil, he can plant it with that love and care. That way, the tree can grow with love. That way the tree grows leaves. The child plants the tree in their school and if the tree does not bloom, then the child continues to seed it and give it double the love.”

The desert country has in recent years experienced patches of deforestation by armed militias who occupied woodlands and depleted their forest cover.

Another tree campaign activist Milad Daabaj highlights the pivotal role of trees in the ecosystem.

“We all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide among other gases and release oxygen, and oxygen is the primary gas needed for human respiration. We hope that all cities do as the city of al-Khums did and have more of these campaigns. Another and more important point is that the Libyan citizen should work to preserve trees, especially shepherds and owners of cattle, God bless them. They have to take care of trees, try as best to stay clear of them, giving them a chance to grow.”

According to reforestation campaigns, some severely deforested woodlands include al-Kashafa forest in Misrata, where nearly 10,000 trees were destroyed and the Wadi Kaam forest in the town of Zilten, where about 3,000 trees were downed.

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