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"Wax in the City" : Spotlight on Afropolitan Fashion [This is Culture]


  • If it is true that in the past, Ankara was rather reserved to our African moms, it is clear that this Dutch fabric is now fashionable! It is from this observation that was born “Wax in the City”, a documentary directed by Élie Séonnet.

“Wax in the City” takes us from Dakar to Abidjan and Cotonou to meet the designers and artisans who embody this new African fashion scene. With a stop in Paris too, where the Wax has become the emblem of a new generation of Afropolitans… that is, Afro-descendants resulting from interbreeding between African and Western cultures, who now embrace all aspects of their legacy , including this famous Dutch Wax proudly worn by our moms!
Afro-descendants who rather than wait for fashion to go their way, now create their own clothes.
In the image of “ Maison Château Rouge “, named after a popular Parisian district well-known to African communities, whose success bears witness of a growing demand. The brand recently collaborated with Monoprix, a large French store chain, for the creation of a collection of clothes and home decorations.

“Wax in the City” will be rebroadcast on TV5 Monde next September!

Through social media, they've been able to create a new bound with Africa, and to grow this desire to value their heritage. They no longer see it as a handicap, or something shameful.