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Cameroon 'Genius Centers' seek to promote technological innovations among youths

Cameroon 'Genius Centers' seek to promote technological innovations among youths


Learning the basics of technological transformation in Cameroon has been the main objective by the Genius centre in the West African country. Located in Douala the economic capital of Cameroon,

The Center offers computer classes where youths between the age of 4 to 17 years can learn various technological innovations that also include basic programming.

Danielle Akini heads the project and she aims at levelling up basic technological awareness among youths in Cameroon.

“Children do use various forms of technology today and the consumption is very high, they want to have smartphones, computers. Generally as they have these gadgets, they use them to play simply because they are not aware on how to use them differently. But the Genius Center directs youths on how to effectively make good use of technology, and create technological content,” said Danielle.

Children are directed at the workshop on different programming contents, from Robotic Designs to mounting robotics.

“In term of vocational training, sometimes when there is a societal problem to solve, we must choose special codes and be sure to solve our own problems just from the tools that are available,” said Danielle.

The Genius project has already began bearing fruits. Youthful Kamel Hassoun, at 10, has established an application that acts like a calculations. A regular calculator, thanks to a tool in free access known as scratch.

“This is a regular calculator, not scientific or well whatsoever. It is a calculator that I created myself from scratch. I have posted it online since since I began, anyone who is online can see my calculator and can also be verified,” said Kamel.

The Genius center owned by Danielle has already trained nearly 4000 youths in Cameroon. Learning these tools allows one to exceed the simple technology awareness, according to Danielle. She intends to create other Genius centers across the country and even in the sub-region within the Central Africa.

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