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Disused Ethiopian plane turned into pure honey cafe in Oromia

Disused Ethiopian plane turned into pure honey cafe in Oromia


For decades now, Ethiopia’s national carrier, has dominated the continent’s skies and continues to chalk significant successes around the world.

Its fleet continues to grow as much as its routes continue to expand. But what becomes of an aeroplane after decommissioning – i.e. after its ‘tenure’ flying around the world ‘expires?’

The BBC’s Afaan Oromo section in early February 2018 did a report on how a decommissioned aeroplane was serving as a cafe in the Oromia region.

Located in the town of Burayu, the facility welcomes patrons and serves them with organic honey. Incidentally, the honey is produced in a hive located right behind the aeroplane.

According to the honey wine maker, the bees nested there on their own even though it was welcomed development since their honey is important to the business. It takes a month to ferment a barrel of honey wine, Gulilat disclosed.

Its managers disclosed that they moved for the plane after it was put on auction by the carrier in 2015. It took them roughly seven hours on a 92-wheel truck to transport it from the hangar to its current location after first dismantling its wings.

“Everyone comes here and is amazed by it. They ask if it has an engine and many other questions,” Manager Hailu Gemechu said. Patrons are both thrilled and wowed by what they experience after visiting the cafe.

If you want a similar experience, check if your country’s decommissioned planes have similar uses or book a flight to Ethiopia via Ethiopian and continue to Oromia’s town of Burayu, someone should point you to the aeroplane grounded amidst residences.

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