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Togolese sculptor promoting African history

Togolese sculptor promoting African history


Tsévié, located in the heart of the forest, about twenty kilometers from the Togolese capital Lomé. This is where a talented Togolese painter Ake O’lokan operates. His passion towards painting is vivid and deeply rooted in all his work that touches on human memories.

“ I paint using straw and cow dung. Now I target what people like and I do get quite an audience with good suggestions, with good vision .When I wake up in the morning I do head to the park “Adjitart” I think of what I’m going to work on. Here in the Bush I I can discover more about the leaves which I know the virtues.I am beyond the creation .We speak of the spiritual dimension that creates art,” said Ake O’lokan.

AKE O’LOKAN is also a sculptor . In his park there are several unique pieces: traditional masks and sculptors that have traces of human nature or even animals threatened by extinction. It also denounces the phenomenon of illegal immigration symbolized by a canoe .

“First of all there is a canoe which speaks of immigration. Everyone wants to go to the west because they are saying that it is Eldorado. It is true. It depends on what we see on the media and what they make us believe. But I do say that when you have a lot of experience you will realise that this is not true. Because the pride of who we are it is ourselves first. When you sell less expensive we will buy less expensive and nobody will respect you,” said Ake O’lokan.

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