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Senegalese activist behind burning of CFA franc freed by Dakar court

Senegalese activist behind burning of CFA franc freed by Dakar court


The Senegalese activist behind the burning of the regional francophone currency, the CFA franc, has been released by a court in Dakar.

Kemi Seba was arrested on August 19 for burning a 5,000 CFA franc during a protest against ‘Francafrique.’ Activists across West Africa had promised to extend protests in support of Seba if he was not freed.

Francafrique describes an informal web of relationships Paris has maintained with its former African colonies and its support, sometimes in the form of military backing, for politicians who favor French business interests.

Seba’s arrest followed a complaint filed by the Bank of West African States. The Senegalese prosecutor had demanded a 3-month jail sentence.

The most recent protests in support of his action was when some Beninese youths burnt similar bank notes. The CFA franc used in West and Central Africa has come under heavy criticisms in recent times.

“We must do all it takes to ensure that the CFA franc is abolished for ever. Kémi Seba will keep on suffering if he remains in prison. The more he stays, the more the anger of the youth will increase which could take the fight to another dimension,” an anti-CFA franc activist, Boris Aké said.

So I say either the CFA franc should be abandoned with the help of authorities in place or better still our leaders should stand against it and be removed from power alongside the CFA franc,” an activist told the crowd.

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