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Fashion lights up Congo at 4th edition of "The Carousel of Fashion"

Fashion lights up Congo at 4th edition of "The Carousel of Fashion"

Republic of the Congo

There is no doubt that Africa’s fashion industry is on an uphill climb. With the vibrant hues and striking prints, even, the global scene can’t just get enough of it.

The Republic of Congo held the 4th edition of the international fashion festival titled “The Carousel of Fashion” which brought together renowned fashion designers and stylists from different parts of the continent.

Fashion lovers across the region were treated to a night of runway shows in which the designers showcased their works. Under the theme” Fashion industrialization, jobs and opportunities”, the event was a platform for designers and budding designers not only to showcase their designs, but also learn on how to earn a profitable living out of their passion.

The event organiser believes that the function was a wake up call to the Congolese population to also shift their focus to fashion in order to diversify the country’s economy.

“I realized that Congo is an oil-producing country, so I gave myself the objective to change the vision here, to make people also talk about arts and fashion and not only talk about oil as it has always been,” said Pascaline Kabre, the organiser of the event.

One by one the models hit the runway each displaying a unique creation from each designer.

And because of the continent’s outstanding nature when it comes to fashion, it also attracted foreign designers from France, Italy and Lebanon.

Originally from Cameroon, the collection of French designer Martial Tapolo was an ode to feminism.

Italian fashion designer Francesca displayed her wide variety of bags that can be used on different occasions.

Enzo Ittzaki is yet another foreign designer from Lebanon who affirmed that he’s African by heart.

“I consider myself more like an African fashion designer. It’s been years that I have been in Africa. I draw all my inspiration from Africa, from what surrounds me and from the generosity of the African family,” said Enzo Itzaky, a fashion designer from Lebanon

Following the event, local fashion designers have acknowledged the rising competition amongst themselves and see the need to up their game in the competitive industry.

Upcoming designers who attended the function were thrilled with the amount of knowledge they got from the fashion visionaries.

“What I’m expecting is just that the big fashion designers support us the upcoming ones in what we do so that we too can be successful,” said Mams, a budding fashion designer from the Republic of Congo.

Over the years, the African fashion industry has shown growth potential and the world seems to be fascinated by it. World celebrities like Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Lupita Nyong’o have been seen on different occasions rocking outfits made in Africa and by Africans.

Time has come to start promoting these designers and put Africa’s creativity on the world map.

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