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Low-cost housing, maximizing water surface

Low-cost housing, maximizing water surface


It is notoriously difficult for students to find affordable housing. A Danish developer has come up with a solution that can be docked right in the centre of Copenhagen Harbour.

Made up of nine disused shipping containers, Urban Rigger is a prototype, a unique, carbon-neutral, floating mobile home.

Spread over around 300 square metres, it includes twelve individual dorm rooms – with bathroom and kitchen – a courtyard, BBQ area and roof terrace.

Kim Loudrup, the founder of the concept said the project is cost effective and caters for mainly students.

“The problem is that all the centralised pieces of land, they are priced at a ridiculous level and when these things are sold, they’re typically sold for office buildings or very expensive condos. So, whenever there is a piece of land available in a centralised situation, it just gets too costly,” said Kim.

The idea isn’t new: repurposing shipping containers into homes became popular in the Seventies in California.

But today’s concept, developed in partnership with Denmark’s architectural whiz kid Bjarke Ingels, incorporate practical environmentally-friendly tech in an attempt to inspire future generations, like using heat exchange from surrounding water to warm the pipes or photovoltaic cells on the roof to produce clean solar energy.

“Students, young people (are) our future in so many ways. And the fact that they’ve been able to get a higher education, we need to inspire them to move on with the education. I think that they are the people that are going to solve the problems that we’re facing,” added Kim.

According to statistics, the Danish capital is among the ten most expensive cities in the world, just behind major financial hubs like London, New York and Paris.

But Denmark also has one of the longest coastlines in the world…

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