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Cameroonian entrepreneurs see potential in drones, plan to build their own

Cameroonian entrepreneurs see potential in drones, plan to build their own


In a bid to boost tourism attraction in Cameroon, an entrepreneur, Mathieu Onguene has introduced a new way for tourists to enjoy sights.

In Ebolowa, a town in Southern Cameroon, unmanned vehicles also known as drones are being used to capture new aerial footage of some landmarks.

Onguene is one of the growing number of entrepreneurs who use drones to monitor large agricultural plantations and construction sites, which would prove difficult and dangerous for some other people.
He said he likes seeing images of Ebolowa town from a different perspective adding that drone tour cost between 170 and $250.

“My use of drones is mainly to take images of the different parts of the city. Of course we also use it to highlight some of the best tourist sites because seen from above, some of the sites have an even bigger impact on people,“he said.

The ministry of Malawi and UNICEF recently launched a project where drones would carry AIDS screening tests and results between hospitals in rural areas.

In May, Rwanda also introduced a project that deliver medical supplies to remote areas using drones.

In Cameroon, the growing use of drones has created an interest and a space for young innovators like William Elong.

“There is a lot being done today in Cameroon to try and manufacture drones locally. There is a lot of talent and knowledge, it’s not just me. What we want to do with this ,“he adds.

Cameroon like many other countries is yet to introduce comprehensive laws to monitor the use of commercial drones.

“The main challenge for Cameroon today is to regulate the use of drones. For example, we should be able to identify drones that are flown. We also need to define the areas and zones in which drones cannot fly,“said technology expert Beaugas-Orain Djoyum.

However, experts say the use of drones has some implications.

Apart from proper regulation, the device can crash and pose potential safety risk if not properly used.

Although some companies in the US and elsewhere for cheaper and faster delivery, but there are hurdles ranginging from the risk of colliding with airplanes and longevity.

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