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Egypt's 'strongman' feeds on nails and broken glasses


Egypt strongman Hussein Karim from the Cairo district of Imbaba has to some extent of supernormal strength that allows him to pull trucks with his teeth or a single finger.

Despite pulling heavy things like trucks, he can also eat nails. Living on a diet of glass, razors and raw meat, strongman Karim ‘The Pharaoh’ Hussein says he is capable of many superhuman feats of strength. He began his behaviour since he was a kid.

“I began this journey when I was around seven or eight years old. I was drinking a glass of milk, half of which was filled with ghee, and the glass broke. After it broke, I started eating the glass from my hand, and until today I have between three to four cups for breakfast. One day when I was at the barber shop, I took the razor from him and ate it, and since that day I eat glass and razors for breakfast,” he said.

His abilities has made him aquire the name ‘Pharaoh’ from his friends and family. He compares his strength to 360 horses and he is capable of enduring pain and harsh conditions.

Meet 'Pharaoh', Egypt's strongman who pulls trucks by teeth and can eat nails | https://t.co/jp2e3mAyD1 pic.twitter.com/SS291OasHL

— The Indian Express (@IndianExpress) March 25, 2016

“I do not tire easily and do not need much sleep. I also do not catch colds or get headaches, or body aches. On the contrary, I am in excellent shape, and my health is much better than the average person. I can walk 1000, 2000 or even 3000 kilometres in the scorching sun and not sweat, feel exhausted, or feel the need to rest or sit down once,” he said.

Karim has undergone medical examinations after which the doctors said he has a unique body structure.

“When my parents noticed that I eat glass and razors, and saw me chewing on hammer nails, they took me to see several doctors and found that I can digest glass and metal as any other food. They then conducted several x-rays and CT scans and found that there are veins and nerves throughout my body that nobody else has. I am prepared for any scientific or medical tests to discover what I have,” he said.

The Pharaoh now hopes that one day he would be able to participate in Olympic games and hold a world record. He also hopes to perform for the masses and donate all his earnings for charity.

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