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Sudanese children keep their dreams alive despite ravaging war

A Sudanese keep speaking to journalist about hope for peace in the country   -  
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Sudan war

Sudanese children suffering from devastating conflicts hope that the war in their country will come to an end soon and their life will return back to normal.

They also wish to make their contribution to rebuilding their war-torn country and saving the injured people in the war.

These are the hopes and wishes expressed by the children in Sudan ..

When asked about her future profession, a girl said that she wants to become a doctor to treat people who have been injured by shells.

Many others have similar ideas.

"I want to become a doctor so that I can treat my family," said another girl.

"I will become a doctor and treat my mother, brothers and other people," a boy said

Some children want to contribute to rebuilding the nation.

A boy said that he aspires to become an engineer so that he can repair buildings destroyed by the war.

"When I grow up, I want to work as an engineer and rebuild the buildings that were destroyed by the war," said another boy.

Many say they want to become a pilot to help people travel.

"My dream is to become an airline captain in Khartoum when I grow up. I want to fly a plane and go wherever I want," a boy said.

When it comes to their expectations for the future, many expressed their simple hope that the war will be over as soon as possible.

A girl said she wants to return to her home and school as before, and a boy hoped that the war would come to an end soon so that everyone could return home safely.

"I wish that my mother and I could travel to Saudi Arabia to visit my brothers and father there and sit together with them. I hope that the war will stop and that we will return to studying in our schools and bring our brothers from Saudi Arabia," another boy said.

The ongoing conflict in Sudan, which erupted on April 15, 2023, has resulted in a staggering human cost. The United Nations estimates over 14,790 fatalities and a staggering 8.2 million people displaced internally or forced to flee the country.

The United Nations also reported that half of Sudan's population, roughly 25 million people, require humanitarian assistance, with nearly 18 million facing severe food insecurity.