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Burkina: 'The Trial' bar, a one-of-a-kind courtoom

Dao Moumine, also known as "le juge", bar tender of the bar "Le Procès", in ouagadougou, on October 9, 2022.   -  
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Burkina Faso

**In Le Proces, or "The Trial", a bar in Ouagadougou, artist and co-founder Patrick Kabre works the crowd. Every week-end customers meet to chill and discuss pressing issues destabilizing Burkina.

Justice is served in a courtroom. Welcome to a courtroom of a special kind.

At the Le Procès bar in Ouagadougou, a bar named the trial, people come every week-end to chill but also to discuss more serious matters such as the prevalence of impunity.

Dao Moumine , the manager of the Trial bar is also the bartender. Clad in a judge-like robe, he delivers the sentences. A glass of flavoured rum goes by the name of International Criminal court and here each drink has a special nickname.

"For us, it's not a matter of laughing or making fun, it's also a matter of raising awareness, to show our authorities that justice in a country is very important, we must always pursue justice, not only for the rich, there's also the poor, we must defend the poor", Moumine say.

The project was born out of crazy talks friends three years ago. They wanted to create a space where they could discuss the issues fueling chaos in their country.

A "glass of justice", please

And a few days after the September 30, military take over in Burkina Faso, the second in 8 months, there was room for discussion.

"It's a farce", Patrick Kabré, an artist and co-owner of the bar says smiling.

"People come and they'd be like, so beer is "justice".. and then, they need more justice [...]  It's [a way] to review issues that have actually caused chaos in this country, issues like lack of justice or impunity."

If sporadic protest still take place the Burkinabe capital, artist protest through their art. And customers are invited to ponder the question and share their thoughts.

"It is through discussion that the light can usher in, slammer Ali Kiswinsida Ouerdaogo alias "Doueslik" says. 

"Today, the country is faced with a problem. The solution is not military nor political. Or rather it is not just military, political or anything else. The solution is social, we must re-vitalise the country together. "

The Trial bar was meant to be a place where different could meet. The mission seems accomplished, artists, foreigner, military men, ministers and ambassadors get together for a drink and to imagine a brighter future for Burkina

As time passes, the 16 million Burkinabe wait for a return to peace in their country. 

A jihadist insurgency has killed thousands and displace 2 million.

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