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Benin artist denounces climate hypocrisy ahead of COP26

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An internationaly-recognised artist from Benin has denounced the hypocrisy of political leaders on climate.

Romuald Hazoumé, whose works are made from recycled materials, wants to alert Africans to the dangers of climate change and the consequences of inaction.

Hazoumé points his finger firmly at politicians.

"The politicians have not the courage to face the facts. Not only must we face these realities in the moment that they happen, but we must anticipate them too. (...) There has been denial and we know where this denial comes from. It's from some leaders who are completely irresponsible and who say that climate change is fake news and that the world has always been like this", accuses the 59 year old artist.

According to the UN, if nothing changes up to 118 million extremely poor people will be exposed to drought, floods and extreme heat by 2030.

Hazoumé alerts to the effects of rising temperatures, not just in Africa but all over the world.

"Floods, rising waters are going to hit us hard, some islands will disappear, some populations will be erased from the earth, some countries will disappear if they do not do anything. (...) It feels like we are wasting our breath because floods only happen to others. Yes, it only happens to others, is that right? Because people tell you we have never seen this in fifty years, 'I have never seen this in my life', but it can happen because we are doing nothing to avoid it", concludes the artist.

With Glasgow's COP26 around the corner, Romuald Hazoumé hopes that concrete steps are taken to preserve the environment.

"We must also recognise what we are responsible for," said Hazoumé, "and not just accuse others".

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