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C.A.R: MSF offers free care for accident survivors

Central African Republic

Synthia, a 30-year-old mother of 2, was involved in a traffic accident in 2018 while on her way to work on her motorcycle.

The accident led to her being hospitalized for several months at the Traumatology Department of Doctors Without Borders in Bangui for free.

“It was September 23, 2018 at 4:45 p.m. I was about to leave for work and suddenly on the motorcycle a car came straight to hit us and then I sustained four fractures in my left leg, and then I was bleeding from the mouth, nose, everywhere, and I was taken to the hospital’‘, she told our correspondent, Samuel Thierry Nzam.

The first aid administered to Synthia after one month of treatment has not produced any satisfactory results. She will be transferred to the laboratory where new samples will be taken to discover the origins of this antibiotic resistance.

“After her initial clinical and radiological check-up, she was taken to the operating theatre where the wounds were cleaned, ways were found to stop the bleeding and then immobilize the limbs with external fixators’‘, said r. Freddy Ngbonga.

The medical team is then set up to define the type of germ responsible for this resistance, based on samples taken in the laboratory, to determine the right treatment.

Dr. Sébastien is an infectious disease specialist.

“The origin of multi-resistant bacteria is twofold, on the one hand the misuse of antibiotics, self-medication or the purchase of antibiotics on the market, which means that every time we consume an antibiotic we will select bacteria resistant to this antibiotic and on the other hand the lack of hygiene or an individual can pass on to another person. The bacteria that he has on his hands after a bad hand washing, and therefore if the bacteria is resistant, it can pass from one person to another or from one patient to another’‘, he said.

After a stay in an isolation room with strictly regulated access, Synthia is allowed to return home, but the story doesn’t end there. Every week she has to go to the facility for outpatient check-up.

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