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Wide variety of robots at Consumer Electronics Show 2019

Wide variety of robots at Consumer Electronics Show 2019


A robot as customer receptionist at super markets, a visit to Sophia, the world’s first robot citizen, a robot cat to cuddle and another to accompany autistic children.

These are among a wide variety of robots at this year’s consumer electronics show in Las Vegas.

“Retailers are always trying to get one more item in basket. When Wall Street is looking at say, Walmart or Target or any of these big retailers, they know they can’t get more foot traffic but what they’re hoping they can do is get one more item in the basket and that delivers in effect the things that they need to deliver on Wall Street’s expectations”, said Steve Carlin, Strategy Manager, Softbank Robotics.

Children suffering autism also have robots that innovators say can help them be independent in the future.

“Children with autism they can’t relate to a specific facial expression to some emotion. So this emotional training and social skills learning are very important for those children to learn to be independent in their future life”, said Luxai’s Yang Yang.

And if you love pets but skeptical about the real ones, innovators have you covered.

Jitu Das is co-founder of Zoetic Artificial Intelligence.

“Kiki is a robotic pet. It’s a companion and you can take care of it. So you can pet it and you can feed it. You feed it by drawing on a tablet and it guesses what you draw”, he said.

The annual Consumer Electronics Show, is a week-long event that showcases upcoming products and services from around the world. This year’s show features rollable TV’s including thousands of eye-catching items.

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