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Kenya artist gives life to scrap objects

Kenya artist gives life to scrap objects


For many a dump site is simply what it is, a site for dumping waste. However, Evans Ngure sees beyond the waste as he uses his imagination to bring these materials to life.

This 29-year old Nairobi resident makes art and jewelry from recycled objects in this popular Githurai 45 neighborhood in the north of the Kenyan capital.

“I’ve always loved collecting objects, from a very young age, but it was really when I started going to university that I started creating art with unconventional materials”, Ngure said.

Evans uses his own living room as a studio. He says he finds his materials just everywhere, from the floor during his walk in town to friends and even as donations from customers. Evans also said this is part of his efforts at protecting the environment and wildlife.

“It is not only human beings who need a second chance, but also objects, they cannot plead their cause so they need a second chance. Before you throw them in the garbage, take some time to think about what they might be used for “, he said.

This Nairobi resident said for nine years, he lives his works of art and jewelry from recycled objects. Evans said his clients are mainly Kenyans who buy mostly jewelry but also some works of art.

Evans Ngure also wants to educate his contemporaries on the protection of wildlife by making collages of animals, like butterfly or ladybug which he exhibited with other works at the British Institute a few months ago.


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