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Trump and Jong Un take selfies as Winter Olympics kickoff


People in downtown Seoul, South Korea were thrilled to see U.S. president Donald Trump hand in hand with his North Korean leader Kim Jong Un walking together and taking selfies.

Well, it was not exactly the two men who have been at the throat of each other in a heated diplomacy around nuclear capabilities.

It was two lookalikes taking the opportunity to cause a sensation in the city before the opening of the 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Olympic Games.

Kim’s lookalike is Hong Kong-based Australian musician Howard and the part of Donald Trump is played by 67-year-old American musician Dennis Alan.

Both actors spoke about how they were strictly employing their likeness to the two leaders for comic effect. “So I use my likeness of Donald Trump to be entertaining to people, maybe give them a little laugh.

“I do not use my likeness of Donald Trump to make political statements. However, I will say that being here in South Korea, it seems like the Olympics, an event like this, has started a dialogue between North Korea and South Korea,” Alan told reporters.

For his part, Howard said: “What I would like to achieve by coming to South Korea at the Winter Olympics is that to show the world this is what the peace could look like when two leaders get along.

“I mean we get along personally, so I believe Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un, if they talk, they probably get along because in my opinion, they are pretty much the same people.”

They shook hands with one another and with shoppers in Seoul’s busiest retail district. People were eager to take photographs of the two.

The opening ceremony of the Winter Games took place on Friday. Africa has about six nations represented amongst others: Ghana, Nigeria, Eritrea and Kenya.