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American skydiver jumps from height of 7.6 km without a parachute


American Luke Aikins has become the first person ever to leap from twenty five thousand feet without a parachute or wing suit.

Daredevil Luke Aikins jumps from height of 7.6km without a parachute https://t.co/87q34VzL94https://t.co/d0qAlgwyCy

— Times of India (@timesofindia) July 31, 2016

“I mean, I’m almost levitating. It’s incredible, this thing that just happened. I mean, the words I want to say I can’t even get out of my mouth. It was… All these guys, everybody who made this thing happen, helping me do this, it is awesome, “ he said.

A skydiver by profession, he has eighteen thousand jumps under his belt.

The 42-year-old free fell at speeds of up 193 kilometres per hour over Simi Valley, just under 50 kilometres from downtown Los Angeles. After two minutes of hurtling towards the ground, he landed squarely in the centre of 100 by 100 foot net, where his wife and young son were waiting to congratulate him. Aikins used GPS and four lights on the net to square up the landing.

According to National Geographic, the net was specifically made to decelerate his fall as he landed on it.


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