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Kevin Hart and The Rock step into the 'Central Intelligence'


Former wrestler turned actor, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson and comedian / actor Kevin Hart have taken their collaboration in the filmmaking business to new heights.

The duo have produced an action-packed comedy – ‘Central Intelligence’ which is a story about two old high school friends who team up two decades after leaving school to save the world.

Bob Stone (played by Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson) who was bullied in school for being an overweight geek, turns up to his high school reunion looking fir and muscular.

At the reunion he meets Calvin Joyner (played by Kevin Hart), a fast-talking accountant who misses his glory days as a popular athlete.

Stone, now a lethal CIA agent, needs Calvin’s number skills to help him save the compromised U.S. spy satellite system. Together, the former classmates encounter shootouts, espionage and double-crosses while trying to prevent worldwide chaos.

The duo, who tap into the endless source of laughter, that is the difference in their stature, are working on several other projects besides ‘Central Intelligence’, including a planned Jumanji reboot.

“We both bring very valuable pieces to the table and when you put those things together all the ingredients are there for a higher level of success. We want global success. You’re looking at two guys that aren’t trying to look for a limited amount of success within our careers. We want the world,” Hart said.

‘Central Intelligence’ director Rawson Marshall Thurber whose credits includes the family comedy, ‘We’re the Millers’ was happy with Kevin Hart’s delivery.

“What’s so great about Kevin Hart is, he can get laughs in scene that don’t deserve laughs. Like he can get you a laugh in just a dry expositional scene. And what’s both his superpower and kind of a danger is, Kevin Hart, literally everything he says is funny. Everything he does is funny, the audience will laugh every single time. So you have to have a lot of discipline in the editing room not to put it all in,” Thurber said.

The film premiered in Los Angeles to mixed reviews with one critic saying that ‘Central Intelligence’ could use a little more intelligence.

The 107-minute ‘Central Intelligence’ is now available on global release.