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Countdown to official launch of Africanews TV: 7 days before D-day

Countdown to official launch of Africanews TV: 7 days before D-day


Africanews appears on your television screens on April 20. In this article, discover something new about the channel on a daily basis till the launch of sub-Saharan Africa’s first multilingual and independent channel.

7 Days to TV Launch: Africanews – Who we are

In line with the spirit of our times, africanews launched its digital platform before launching its TV channel. Since 4th January this year, you’ve already been following current event on africanews.com on your computer, your tablet or your smartphone. In English and in French, our website sections – from news, business, sport, culture, science, technology and no comment – have arrested your attention. Some of you freely browse our articles others rely on our editors’ choice. Starting from 20th April, the birth date of our TV station, videos will further proliferate on our website. In “lite”, “standard” or “advanced” mode, you’ll remain in sync with events on the continent wherever you are. And there will be so much more to see on africanews, a sight to behold. For the next discovery, join us tomorrow, six days before D-Day.

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